Most of us think of Photography as a story telling tool. From images of family gatherings to wedding photography we tell the story and preserve the memories.

Creating technology solutions is also story telling. A modern website tells others about your business.  The right technology tools helps you to tell your business story as it happens.

The stories that will be presented on this page are real world examples.  I have made them generic as a courtesy to the actual clients involved.

All in with Google

Google can manage most of the basic technology need to get a business started on the Internet.  Using "Google Apps for Work" you have your website, email, collaboration, documents and more in a single service that scales from 1 to 10,000 users.  By using your own domain for your email, you present a better face to the customer.  You do not get advertising and you have good controls over the data.  There are even features that large enterprises need.  By adding  Google Voice you can even have your own phone number!  There is very little management needed and you can be up and running almost instantly!  Google can be almost completely virtual you only need a computer with a web browser to actually operate.  For simplicity and security a Google Chromebook is an interesting and simple alternate to other computers.

Office 365 at the core

Microsoft is maturing their office suite and combining it with email and cloud data services to match what Google has done in their Office 365 suite.  While the idea looks the same the philosophy and implementation are different.  Microsoft has a full cloud based productivity suite that they can pair up with their desktop applications.  This foot in both worlds suits many Microsoft clients well.  Selecting the right suite of tools for the needs is a bit more complex but the flexibility that Microsoft gives us is helpful.  Microsoft can scale to any size needed.  While I feel that Microsoft may be in a different race than Google they are a leading contender in the productivity world.  Again this can be an all-in-one solution as needed.

The infrastructure backstory.

When you create a virtual infrastructure on the Internet you still need some basic local tools.  A high speed internet connection is critical.  There are multiple performance factors that need to be taken into account.  Modern fiber, cable, or DSL systems fit the need.  In some locations it is hard to get reliable high speed connectivity.  In those cases the selection of tools is challenging.  

Purchasing computing systems for small offices may seem daunting.  This is mostly due to the wide selection of equipment that is available.  Some general guidelines are important to productivity.  Larger screens with more pixels are important for displaying information to the user.  Good keyboards help keep the operator comfortable.  Using the right selection of pointing devices, helps prevent stress injuries.  Proper seating, table height and lighting also contribute to productivity!  You notice that this discussion has not mentioned anything about the actual insides of the computer.  Those requirements are best left to direct consultation and the needs of the software in use, etc..