Xfiniti WiFi: Cost Savings, Questions, and Unintended Consequences

Where I live Comcast has started delivering Xfiniti WiFi to all of their customers.  When you have one of their WiFi routers in your home or office they provide a separate wireless network that anyone with a Comcast account can log into.  Comcast keeps the data separate from your home and office and does not count data transfer on that network towards your data use.  

I have found the service to be helpful and it can save Mobile wireless charges.  I get WiFi servers in many places where I would not have had it before.  

I have some questions about what Comcast is doing with the roaming information they can gather from our connecting at various locations nationwide.  

There are unintended consequences to their service, when using my primary mobile device the iPhone 6 Plus and other iOS devices.  When the iOS sees a WiFi network it knows about it tries to connect to that first as it assumes better performance, etc.  But now we have Xfiniti WiFi "everywhere".  So driving down the street in a neighborhood that is blanketed with Comcast customers the iPhone starts trying to connect to all of their networks.  And since I am driving, or riding in the car virtually no data gets transferred as the phone is constantly trying to register on the WiFi network that is either just leaving coverage or moving into coverage for a few seconds.

I do not know if this effects battery life, but it stops almost all data transfer.  Now I could turn WiFi off or "forget" the Xfiniti network.  Both of which are inconvenient in the long run. Turing off WiFi reduces navigation effectiveness and deleting my Xfiniti login puts me without their service when I may want it.