Your Website!

In today's digital world your website can say a lot or a little, but you have to have one!  It might be a blog, a single page statement, a portfolio or a virtual storefront.  That your website does for you is to allow you to tell your story and stake your territory.  

  • Creating a website is NOT expensive, NOT hard, and DOES NOT require a design engineering degree.  
  • A website will take a little of your time, or a lot if you wish.
  • Your website will change, it is never done.
  • Get the message out and as Seth Godin says "SHIP IT"

There are many platforms for creating websites.  Wordpress is one of the most popular and can be used to create just about any kind of site. It is great for creating content that you want to share such as a blog.    Google Sites are simple to setup, can be really clean and are free to cheap.  Weekly and WIX are a couple of template based platforms that work well for some.

I have been crafting websites for many years and in the last few months have completely moved to the Squarespace platform.  This site and several others I am working on for my customers use Squarespace.  

You site has to look good and clean, Please avoid moving advertisements!  The site has to be responsive to the user both in speed and in working properly on different device types from computers to smartphones.

Finally basic analytics will help you to see who is looking at your site, is it working?  For now do not obsess, just SHIP IT!

Posted using the new Squarespace 7 platform.