Malware Prevention and Removal

Lately I am getting a lot of calls about everything from slow computers to hundreds of pop-ups and fake issues with the Windows PC in question.  There are many compromised web-sites and all kinds of ways of fooling us into clicking on things we should not.  

There are several mitigation techniques that the computer user can help protect themselves.  By using Google Chrome, or Firefox there are add-ins to help prevent pop-ups ad's and some malware from even showing up.  Using the "adbock" or "adblock Plus" extension will reduce the visuals that overwhelm some websites.  Another extension called the "Web of Trust" Extension that provides crowd sourced reputation indication on your search results will inform the users of potentially bad web sites.

You MUST keep your computer up-to-date and have active Anti-virus software installed.  In addition you may want to at least scan your PC with MalwareBytes anti-malware.  The free version allows you to do manual scans.  The paid version runs in real-time.

There are other tools that can help you clean up from an infection.  You can visit for more help.  I use JRT - Junk Ware Removal Tool and ADWCleaner to help remove some infections.  These tools make changes to your computer that you need  to have a understanding of what the programs are doing.  Take care with this software.

This short post should help you to protect your computer.  Please remember to keep your software and operating system up to date and have a good backup system, JUST IN CASE!