Holiday computer "fixup"

This time of year I spend a lot more time helping family and friends with their computing needs.  Many of the issues and problems can be averted simply with little effort.  In this note I will try to cover the basics to help others help themselves.   


The most important tip is to ensure that the computer and other devices such as iPhones are being backed up on a regular basis.  For both Mac and Windows systems online backup is most likely the simplest and safest method to keep your data backed up and off site to reduce risk of loss.  The two systems I like best are BackBlaze and Crashplan.  My personal systems are now being backed up with BackBlaze. 


We use our devices a lot more for capturing and collecting memories such as pictures and videos.  Ensuring that our images are safely backed up and available is getting simpler.  Google and Apple both have photo management systems that help by synchronizing our memories to their cloud based services.  These tools will help ensure that you do not loose your images.   Both systems can help with phones running out of space.  


These little items will take you a long way to keeping your data safe from loss and corruption.  In the next post I will talk a bit about computer security..