CryptoLocker Ransomware

In order to help the community at large I would like to ensure you have heard of the Ransomware CryptoLocker.  This software encrypts files on your computer and then holds them for ransom.  There is currently no known way to remove the encryption.  The software will encrypt everything it can find on connected drives, etc.  

US-Cert and others have more information on protecting your self from this bad software:


Wikipedia entry:




Microsoft XP and Office 2003 end of Support - April 2014

Just a reminder to all my readers that Windows XP and Microsoft Office go out of support on April 8th 2014  

Here is a link to the Microsoft Site describing what they are doing :

Microsoft has some migration ideas and tools that they provide to move to.  If you want more options please contact me.  Here are a few questions that you need to ask your self before you start.

Is it time to upgrade your PC?

Are you properly backed up?

Do you know what applications you have installed and use that need Windows XP?



Moved to WordPress

I am using Wordpress for my other web sites for a very long time.  SmarterCaTS was always on Google Apps.  My new ways of operating dictated that I move the website over to WordPress.  The site is being updated to be simpler and WordPress allows me to have a Security and Technology Blog.  So here we are!