Protecting yourself online

There is an increasing variety of method being used against us to gather data, steal things, and more.  In this ongoing series of posts I want to cover some of the places where you can get information to help you stay safe.

Once you have all your software up to date and you have a system in place to keep yourself that way, lets add some protection. Many of the attacks against computers are indirect.  The attack has shifted to attacking the person using the computer.  It might be a dodgy advertisement on late night TV or cable.  Or and ad on a web site.  Do not believe it!  We are seeing more and more telephone calls with people pretending to be Microsoft, etc..   There are extortion rackets where you are called and they say that you are infected, etc..  Fake NSA, Fake FBI, the scams go on and on.

Be careful when using the Internet, email, messaging.  Do NOT click on links,  do NOT run software you do not know where it came from.  Be very careful on social networking sites, and with email that appears to be from friends.  “When in doubt; do not Click!”  Here are some online resources to help: