Welcome to 2014

I hope that all of you had a great 2013!  Moving into 2014 there are a lot of changes in the computing world coming our way.  Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP in a few months.  Intel is changing the name of McAfee to Intel Security, watch for SPAM and Malware around that change!  

Windows 8.1 is now the mainstream release for Microsoft OS.  I know it is different and feels a bit strange.  It is like a new set of shoes you have to break them in.  A couple of hints.  There are two new shortcut keys in Windows 8:  Press the Windows key and the D key at the same time to go to the desktop and the Windows key with the X key for a simplified start menu.  Finally with the start menu up you can just start typing the name of the program you want to run and Windows will find it for you.  

Apple has released their new OS 10.9 for the Mac and IOS 7 for mobile devices.  The OS’s are better integrated with Apples cloud services and much more.  Keep your software upgraded, these releases are free.