Email IN-Security and LinkedIn "Intro"

LinkedIn released a new tool called “Intro” that is a significant security risk. LinkedIn wants to add their profile information to email for you, thus they need to interact with all your email.   The tool reconfigures your iOS device to pass all your email through LinkIn’s servers.  All of your sent and received mail from your device now goes through their servers to allow them to add their “linkedIn profile” data to your emails.  This  means that they directly have access to ALL of your email sent and received. This creates a significant security risk.  Please pass this on to the other members of your organizations.  Here is a reference story that talks about the tool:




Using free email services such as gmail or yahoo for your business email puts you at risk for these same kinds of issues as they use your email to track you for advertising purposes. Facebook messages are also subject to the same issues.    These services are "ok" for personal, non-sensitive email, but not for commercial use unless you are on a business account where you are paying for the service and have the proper terms of service. Purchasing and using commercial email service for your business is a best practice for all three legs of the C.I.A. triad of security as well as good professional practices.