CrashPlan backup for you and your family

In the quest for small business and personal backup there are many choices.  Depending upon the problem set Crashplan provides something different to help keep our systems backed up.  Crashplan software can run in three modes.  Backup to a local drive, backup to their Internet based servers or backup to another computer or a friends computer.  What is nice about this solution you can backup to other drives and other computers for no cost.  Each family member can have a drive and the system will backup over the internet between the different computers.  The data is encrypted before it leaves your computer so that it is reasonably safe being stored outside of your office or home.  You can simply have local and offsite backup for your MAC or PC using one software package. Crashplan also has their "+"  and "pro" services where you also backup to their servers for a "nominal".  Depending upon your personal or business needs this service is very valuable.