Looking Backwards

Over the past few weeks I have been studying the iPhone camera and what it can do as a primary camera.  I decided to look back in my library of about 34000 digital images that I have saved over time to see what I am using to take pictures with, cameras, lenses , etc.  I have owned iPhones since the original and I only have 1620 images saved from their cameras.  Upon review there are quite a few that are nice, need to be shared, printed, etc.  Many are of life events that would have been taken with “a camera”  A bunch are logging something:  purchase ideas, a picture of a white board with info on it, plants at the garden center for review, etc.  A few are learning and experiementation.  

As I look through my library I find that I am saving stuff I do not need to, I have a lot of images I need to SHOW people .

Just for fun:

1620 iPhones

3195 Canon10D  

4555  Canon 40D  

1460  Canon 7D

1011 Canon S95

6082  Olympus

4528 Panasonic

6918 Sony


Time to make a change?