The Art of Light

In my ongoing quest to produce better photographic art I study other photographers works and other art forms.  James Turrell is an artist who produces art with light itself as the subject. "I want to look at light, rather than have light illuminate another thing," says artist James Turrell. "I'm interested in the thingness of light itself, so that light is the revelation." 

Photographers use light as a tool to present our subjects; Mr Turrell's turns that inside out for us.  The following link to an 8 minute video about James Turrell's exhibit at the Guggenheim helps me to explore his artistic look at light as the subject:



Launch Day!


I have just spent the summer months preparing to make photography my full time profession. I spent four days at Skips Summer School connecting with other photographers and learning new skills.  I have been working with my friends and family to ensure that we are all ready for this new adventure.  The web sites are up, Twitter is happy, Facebook pages have been created with basic content posted.

There is still a lot of work to do on the portfolio, the galleries, and the Artistwebsites pages.  Over the next few weeks the content portions of the pages will increase and more.  There will be announcements about new services, products, and partnerships.  And of course getting out there and taking more pictures!

I have to thank many folks out there for all their help and encouragement to kick this off:

My wife Linda for keeping the faith.

My Brother-in-law Mark of PixelPrintDesigns for the design help and much more.

Skip Cohen for lots of encouragement and great insights at the summer school last month.

There are so many others; here are a few of you in my thoughts:  Jeff C., Steven B., Tony T., John K., Keith M., Keith P.

Thank you all again.  In addition I would like my readers and followers for your patience and your encouragement in this.