Photography and the iPhone 6s Plus

The new iPhones have improved cameras and they can capture images in greater detail and in broader lighting conditions than ever before.  I am excited to see what the device can do for my photography.  Here is but one example that I am very pleased with.

Finding Fall  © 2015 Bob Fairbairn Ltd. 

Finding Fall

© 2015 Bob Fairbairn Ltd. 

Many other professional photographers are using iPhones to make great images and more.  I found the testing / demonstration video by Austin Mann to be particularly wonderful: 

There have been many reviews and comparisions but Austin Mann has captured the nuances of the devices for us.  His review can be found here:

I cannot add a lot more to the phone review but using the system for photography is getting better and better.  With the new Photos applications on IOS and MAC OS and the Apple iCloud photo sync and storage system I can now have all of my images and videos in the "cloud" and have full access to them on all my devices.  I can grab a 10 year old family photograph, and edit and share it from just about anywhere.  The iPhone photos are autmatically synced back to my MAC Pro, etc.  I can import files from my pofessional cameras and keep on the system also.

The editing tools in Photos for Mac are very good and the IOS version is not slouch!  Apple got this one right!  This is a complete photo mangement system for individuals to keep their memories safe and to share with others.   Photos does not fully replace professional management and edting tools but it covers most of the bases.