Olloclip iPhone Case

I have been using my iPhone for a lot of photography lately and I like having more options for lenses.  I have a set of Olloclip lenses for my iPhone and I really like to have some sort of case on the phone.  Olloclip sent me one of their cases to test out.  Their case fits well and leaves the ports on the bottom of the iPhone open for use.  Any headphones will work and the iPhone will sit in the Apple docking station to charge.

Bottom of the iPhone in the case.

I the field the lenses slide right onto the case making it simple to change lenses or use the camera without a lens.  

In the field with a lens slid onto the case.

In the field with a lens slid onto the case.

The case really works very well.  The only issues I have are with the height of the edges of the case over the front of the phone makes swiping from the edges harder than I would like.  As with using the lenses without the case you also have to remove the lens to use the front facing camera or to make a "normal" phone call.  

The small sizes of the lenses and the fast attachment and removal process make this a very interesting addition to the iPhone photographers tool kit.