Using the new Google Photo Sphere app to create panoramas

Google released their new application for the iPhone that takes 360 panorama images.  The images can be uploaded to Google for use on Google Maps and in your photo library. The application is really easy to use but managing the images Google + and Maps is little bit of a challenge. Make sure to edit your image data to get the geo-location right and name them properly.  This may not display properly on all web browsers.

Protecting images from loss while traveling!

Normailly I bring a laptop, external hard drives and more on vacation to process images and to back things up. On this trip I did not bring the laptop but I did bring and external SSD hard disk and an interesting device from Toshiba called the Canvio Wireless adaptor for external hard drives. This little device comes with a power supply that runs the wireless adaptor and a connected USB hard drive. There are some limitations on format for the drive but nothing complex.

When powered up and a drive connected the adaptor makes the drive available for wireless access. Toshiba has an app but I am using a app called PhotoSync so I can simply transfer my images at will to the hard drive or say from the iPhone to the drive to the iPad. This is a great way to keep my images backed up while on the road. PhotoSync does a whole lot more but for this case I am only using a portion of the apps features.

It's like having my own private cloud service without the need for internet access.


iPhone camera extras to enhance image taking

The iPhone has a fixed lens, you cannot zoom or get really close. While on vacation I thought it would be interesting to try the Olloclip lenses with my iPhone. I have the 4-in-1 and the telephoto / circular polarizer.


These lenses clip onto the iPhone 5 or 5s to give you different views. I have mostly been playing with the 4-in-1 as a macro lens so far.


This is a lot of fun but as with any macro lens any movement makes it hard. So using a Joby tripod really helps. I mount the iphone in the glif adjustable mount. A remote release is a great idea. You can use the volume up button or your Apple ear-buds or other device.



iPhone as: My Camera

I am taking some time off of work this week with my wife at a friends cottage in northern Wisconsin. For vacation I made the decision to use my iPhone as my primary camera. The overall experience is refreshing and enjoyable. I have captured many little moments and have already shared some of them with family. It is still very exciting to actually be able to share images with friends and family while still on vacation.

I have been using both the native camera application and Camera+ for capturing images to provide a mix quick images and gaining some flexibilty in controlling exposure. I have also edited a few in Snapseed befor sharing. The image in this post is un-edited.

There have been some challenges; I did not get much in the way of fireworks images which was disappointing. I learned a few things to try next time. Also it is not good idea to let others take images with Camera+ without a lot of training....great sky, dark faces.....

Many of the images I am capturing are from various boats, docks, etc. and I do not have a waterproof case for my iPhone which is somewhat nerve wracking.



Looking Backwards

Over the past few weeks I have been studying the iPhone camera and what it can do as a primary camera.  I decided to look back in my library of about 34000 digital images that I have saved over time to see what I am using to take pictures with, cameras, lenses , etc.  I have owned iPhones since the original and I only have 1620 images saved from their cameras.  Upon review there are quite a few that are nice, need to be shared, printed, etc.  Many are of life events that would have been taken with “a camera”  A bunch are logging something:  purchase ideas, a picture of a white board with info on it, plants at the garden center for review, etc.  A few are learning and experiementation.  

As I look through my library I find that I am saving stuff I do not need to, I have a lot of images I need to SHOW people .

Just for fun:

1620 iPhones

3195 Canon10D  

4555  Canon 40D  

1460  Canon 7D

1011 Canon S95

6082  Olympus

4528 Panasonic

6918 Sony


Time to make a change?