Photography with the iPhone 6 Plus

This past summer I wrote several posts about using my iPhone 5s as my primary camera.  I have recently moved to the iPhone 6 Plus so I am continuing and expanding the series!

The team at OlloClip provided a set of lenses to use in my photography.  Their new lenses have a neat snap-in holder that clips to a lanyard for simplicity of carrying the lenses.  

I am posting images and the story to Instagram, so follow along.

Ready for action! macro, wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto / normal with polarizer

Ready for action! macro, wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto / normal with polarizer

Lessons from using the iPhone as my "only" camera

During the week I was on vacation I used my iPhone 5s for as much of the photography as possible.  The camera is credible and the images are mostly satisfactory.  I tested a couple of the Olloclip lenses with some success but carrying them and getting them on and off of the phone is out of scope for most people.  Taking the tripod and remote release stuff is over the top! But with the Joby and the release I was able to get some nice little macro images that were fun to take.  


I also used the iPhone for several videos of the natural areas on the lake we were staying.  I will continue this series with some more images, videos and information.

Using the iPhone as a one of my "primary cameras"

After reviewing my images for the last year or so I am finding that I need to do a better job of capturing the important moments in my life and while my professional photographic tools are great for the job I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me and I really need to get a lot better at using it!  To that end I have been practicing with taking and EDITING images on my iPhone and iPad.  

 My other problem is sharing images with family and friends.  So many different services that are not about my photography or my family. So Lots of research and reporting to do!  Follow along as I expand my work into the land of the iPhone.  And some family members who just need prints.

Here are three things as a kickoff:   (An iPad / iPhone magazine about mobile photography)  ( The website of a photographer in the UK who shares a lot of help)  ( David has a new eBook on iPhone Photography that I recently reviewed)




A great video session on processing an image in Lightroom 5

I have been using Apples’ Aperture for many years to process my images. I have only been using Lightroom as a primary photo editing and management tool for about six months so I still have a lot to learn.  This 30 min tutorial covers a LOT of ground on processing an image in LR5.  I found it very helpful.  The author goes through a series of steps to greatly improve an image he captures of a Lynx kitten.