A great video session on processing an image in Lightroom 5

I have been using Apples’ Aperture for many years to process my images. I have only been using Lightroom as a primary photo editing and management tool for about six months so I still have a lot to learn.  This 30 min tutorial covers a LOT of ground on processing an image in LR5.  I found it very helpful.  The author goes through a series of steps to greatly improve an image he captures of a Lynx kitten.



The Art of Light

In my ongoing quest to produce better photographic art I study other photographers works and other art forms.  James Turrell is an artist who produces art with light itself as the subject. "I want to look at light, rather than have light illuminate another thing," says artist James Turrell. "I'm interested in the thingness of light itself, so that light is the revelation." 

Photographers use light as a tool to present our subjects; Mr Turrell's turns that inside out for us.  The following link to an 8 minute video about James Turrell's exhibit at the Guggenheim helps me to explore his artistic look at light as the subject: