iPhone as: My Camera

I am taking some time off of work this week with my wife at a friends cottage in northern Wisconsin. For vacation I made the decision to use my iPhone as my primary camera. The overall experience is refreshing and enjoyable. I have captured many little moments and have already shared some of them with family. It is still very exciting to actually be able to share images with friends and family while still on vacation.

I have been using both the native camera application and Camera+ for capturing images to provide a mix quick images and gaining some flexibilty in controlling exposure. I have also edited a few in Snapseed befor sharing. The image in this post is un-edited.

There have been some challenges; I did not get much in the way of fireworks images which was disappointing. I learned a few things to try next time. Also it is not good idea to let others take images with Camera+ without a lot of training....great sky, dark faces.....

Many of the images I am capturing are from various boats, docks, etc. and I do not have a waterproof case for my iPhone which is somewhat nerve wracking.