Computing and Technology

The computing and technology systems have already merged.  Your desk phone no longer needs a separate network. Your mobile phone is a powerful computer linked to millions of other computers world wide.  Your data can be accessible from anywhere on any device.  Macs and PC's really live together in harmony.

With the right selection of tools I can create the full IT framework for a business or venture; voice, data, telecommunications using a very small set of vendors in literally minutes.  Now you don't see them now you do!  These systems can be scaled up and down as need.  Users can be trained and operational in hours..  You cannot afford to not be connected and today you REALLY can afford to be. 

The choices are vast but with your story in mind I can craft the business systems you need today on "paper" and in many cases your digital world will be ready to paint the walls, carpet the floor, add the inventory and fling open the door to your customers tomorrow. 


Photography is still in great upheaval.  Film has been mostly supplanted by digital.  Cameras are being "replaced" by smartphones with cameras. Professional photographers are constantly adapting to this changing environment to produce new products for our customers.  

The merger of digital photography and digital content delivery is completely revolutionizing the way we create, deliver and consume visual information.  

Providing digital still images, slide shows, and hybrid still and video is a growing segment of the content photographers deliver.  Enhancing print and print album sales these digital tools provide great value.

Today I deliver personalized and branded mobile photographic albums.  These apps can show customized branding provide sharing and more.

My Merger

Merging these new technologies provides enhanced customer service, customer engagement while improving the workflow and reducing internal effort on the part of virtually any business.  Using photography and advanced digital content delivery completes the picture!