This website is the gateway to what I publish, it contains a compendium of much of my work. The things I do for a living, and some things I do for fun are be found on these pages. This is where I write about my work and the things I love. You will also find links some of the podcasts and YouTube videos I work on.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet and thank you for Visiting

Bob, 73 KE9A

Current Projects

I am an Audio Systems Designer helping others to have GREAT sound in their homes. I am also Technology Consultant enabling businesses and individuals with solutions to simplify and embrace their interactions with our digital world. As a Product Photographer I help companies highlight their products with photos and video!

In my personal life I am an Amateur Radio Operator callsign KE9A. My ham radio website is KE9A.COM. I also enjoy Nature Photography.

My CV can be found Here.