Welcome to my website and blog as well as my new audio systems business. 

My goal with this blog is to share my experience with you, write a little bit about where we are today and take a look into some visions of the future. Let's start with three broad subjects that I will delve deeper into over time.

Over the past couple of years, I have been developing digital music servers using different computing environments to improve usability and sound quality. Today we can deliver very high-quality digital music to our playback systems over a broad range of designs and prices.  At the same time, we now have access to millions of music tracks streamed to our systems along with thousands of radio stations "broadcasting" to the world digitally from the internet.

I have also been studying the analog side of audio systems. There is a daunting array of speakers, cables, amplifiers and more to select.  Even narrowing this down to a few brands available at local stores, navigating the selection and matching process is frustrating, expensive and time-consuming.  As inventories shrink and stores disappear, this challenge is turning into an impossible dream. All is not lost, and there are simple ways for many to solve this problem.

Lastly, I would like to address "The Elephant in the Room"--- The Room.  Most systems designs do not take into account the environment that the playback system has to operate.  The majority of listening systems have to work in spaces that are multi-purpose and do not provide optimal audio playback. There are new and exciting ways to address "The Elephant."

I will be writing a lot more these subjects as well as several others to help you pick your ideal system.   

You can get better sound in your home and on the go. Please follow along!  There is an RSS subscription link in the footer along with social media links.

Thanks for reading.

Bob Fairbairn