That Goldilocks Moment

Now and then we have a moment where the temperature of porridge is right, the rocking chair fits you, and the bed is perfect.

As I have been designing and building my personal/demo system, I have arrived at the point where I do not want to change anything. Well, maybe one thing!

The single box music streamer/server directly connected to the Kii Control is right where I want it. I can simply choose between Euphony Stylus OS/Music player and Roon. Choice! The VPI Traveler sits nicely on the cabinet. I have a computer monitor mounted to a post stand on the back of the cabinet with the Google Chrome-cast and HDMI audio splitter. The world of music is at my fingertips.

There is nothing I need to change, and the listening is sublime!

What is next? I am in the process of evaluating a new streamer that simplifies midrange system design, sounds excellent, and is priced “just right.” I am beginning to think that that Goldilocks has a twin!

Stay tuned to find out more. I know that there will always be “One More Thing.”