Kii Three's Face the Music

Where possible, I have been keeping a watch on several of the new systems that have integrated most audio system components into the speakers themselves. KEF, Dutch and Dutch, Kii Audio, Bang and Olufsen are all in that club. These systems are NOT "just a powered speaker."

Over time I picked the Kii Three speakers as the best candidate for my primary listening system. They appear to be a "Goldilocks" design, pushing several buttons for me:

  • System simplification

  • DSP room compensation

  • The connectivity on the Kii Control

  • Finally, both the firmware and hardware have upgrade paths.

So where does that leave me in my story? I spent many hours in research mode, talking to people I know and trust, and reading and watching reviews on the Internet. You do have to LISTEN!

The first opportunity I had to hear the Kii Three system was the Axpona 2019 show. Chris R., the CEO of Kii Audio, was leading the demos and I had a great time talking with him and learning. What I heard in that un-treated hotel room was dramatically more than what I had hoped. Expectation bias, maybe some, but 8 to 10 hours of listening takes that away.

Fast forward a couple of days.

To get ready to bring something new into the living room the old gear had to be moved out and some furniture re-arranged.

I had this crazy cool idea to re-purpose my grandmothers RCA Victrola console into the system as my "rack" for holding the little bit of gear I need.

So with all of the electronics removed and 60+ years of dust cleaned up, it is now the centerpiece of my system. I have some unique additions for the Victrola in process.

You have to be able to play records!

You have to be able to play records!

I have been looking for a better phono stage for the previous system and decided to try the Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL. That arrived, and now the VPI turntable is hooked up to the Kii Three XLR inputs. At first blush, this is an excellent addition to the system. I have to clean some more records!

I have adjusted the speakers for the room using the boundary control system on the Kii Three system. This "software-defined audio system" is fascinating! Working with the family to make the system Living Room friendly adding some touches of home.

Time for some music!

Time for some music!

Thanks for reading this introduction to a new way of thinking about Audio Systems Design. I have a lot more planned.

Welcome to #FutureFi